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Ecommerce Solutions

The right ecommerce solutions increase profits, help manage risk, improve search engine result page ranking and much more. The solutions we provide help multiple areas of ecommerce, from tracking growth to customizing templates to managing inventory. User-friendly, intuitive dashboards gather all ecommerce processes and enable seamless transitions between tasks, improving performance.

Fraud Management

Our software solutions use machine learning models that process multiple data points to more accurately eliminate high-risk transactions. As fraud evolves, so does our diligence in improving our solutions. We put in the time to research fraud prevention approaches to help us continually keep up with new methods and apply necessary updates to our software so we're always one step ahead of the trends.

Vendor Management

Vendor management solutions cover a range of operational objectives to help keep organizational efficacy at its peak. It helps simplify processes by offering individual vendor profiles that manage contracts, delivery schedules, pricing info and inventory maintenance while also tracking sales analytics.

Accounting Services

Our safe and secure systems perform high-level accounting practices. Our software tracks expenses, performs tax calculations, updates in real time across all users' accounts and efficiently creates reporting tools. Our focus is on consolidating financial practices and discovering easier bookkeeping methods.

Call Center

We offer excellence in customer service support, be it in tech, sales or escaled situations. A team of professionals that work hard to provide qualified, appropriate, informative advice and assistance helps improve customer loyalty and retention. Our support staff is well-versed in how to handle support calls and always ensures that appropriate business protocols and processes are being followed throughout the communication.

Business Operations

Partially outsourcing business operations creates a more efficient and time-managed business process. We handle customer-related business operations, such as payment processing and customer support solutions, and also offer business-facing support such as human resources, finance and other internal processes. Our business models increase efficiency, decrease costs and focus on the core competencies.

Digital Marketing

Our essential digital marketing tools are ideal when looking to reach more customers or expand into new markets. Our digital marketing tools assemble a useful foundation on which to base digital marketing campaigns including social media, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, PPC, or content marketing. This helps directly target-specific, curated client bases.

IT Operations

Information technology accounts for a large portion of the success of businesses around the globe - it creates an essential infrastructure and keeps systems up and running. Our IT operations team helps with fundamental processes such as configuring email platforms, server setups, maintaining and monitoring software and hardware needs, organizing help desk services, installation assistance and much more.

About Connaught International

Connaught International is incorporated in Malta under company number C84367 with registered office at Vision Exchange Building, Level 2, Territorials Street, Mriehel, Birkirkara BKR 3000, Malta.

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